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Business Added by Habib Rahman Mahmodi

Walid Suhail logistic Services company is the only unprecedented service company that has achieved the satisfaction of its customers since its inception which was established in 2010.
In addition, the mentioned company registered with the ministry of commerce and industries with (D – 37785) license number.
Therefore, personnel and good leadership from the establishing date have been able to provide excellent and outstanding facilities, services and demands for their customers, Hence, the company has made remarkable progress.
The comapny by having different types of machinery in the defferent the type of work exmaple waste water tanks, potable water tanks, Garbage trash Ben’s, modern machinery as escowater, loader, crain, gleader, fortclieft, buildzar, dumtracks and etc more. The company works since last 10 years with Different embassies ENGO’S and with international offices which are located here in Afghanistan.

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