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UA Telecom, through its huge number of shareholding in the Afghanistan market, is the largest provider of telecommunications services. UA Telecom and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of services to approximately all national and international NGOs, businesses, military camps and residential in Afghanistan.

The Wireless, Fiber Optic, Microwave, and Satellite internet services of UA Telecom covers more than 85% and 98%, respectively, of Afghanistan’s population/ provinces and is supported by a vast fiber network that is unmatched in the region. UA Telecom, through its corporate customers, recently acquired the significant capacity of 100gbps+ bandwidth, and today enjoys an enviable position so far as its ability to roll out next-generation networks offering enhanced coverage, capacity, and resilience.

This additional spectrum, together with UA Telecom’s infrastructure and fiber network, allows the delivery of even faster speeds and richer data experience to meet today’s the consumer and business demands.

UA Telecom also provides data communication, databases, trade with specialized equipment, consultancy, service of information systems, software development, training, and maintains a leadership position in the provision of DSL, and fiber access.

Telecom International, a wholly-owned company that provides the full range of Internet, data, infrastructure and ICT services in the USA, Afghanistan and the Middle East also provides IT consulting, telecommunications product and software services, as well as operating CRM systems, directory services, and call centers. In the information/technology services and corporate UA Telecom remains the predominant choice for a one-stop technology shop for enterprises and government entities, as well as small or large businesses.

UA Telecom provides a technology platform for local and international customer by pursuing innovation and synergies, delivering a premium customer experience and cultivating solid alliances in the territories we operate, UA Telecom is set to continue on its trajectory of growth and value creation for its shareholders, as well as its longstanding contributions to the communities it proudly serves.

Finally, the core team, which consists of professionals with vast technical experience and expertise, sets the goals more clear and achievable for the company. We offer a full range of IT and telecommunications services that enable you to bridge the gap between your IT and Business objectives. Backed by proven experience and vast expertise, we enable you to leverage emerging technologies to your advantage, helping you improve business processes and achieve business goals.


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