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RahaNET ISP Company, a territorial Company which is located in Herat, Afghanistan, started its activities from 2013, with the intention to provide outstanding services and technical knowledge across every phase of a project in the fields of Corporation of WiMax, Wireless, Hotspot Services, V-SAT Internet, Network Projects which cover designing, installation and administration services, Microwave Internet, Domain and Hosting, Server Collocation, Web Designing, Consulting and Audit of Security Issues, Installation of Security Cameras and Technical support services through its skilled and advanced technical team. In order to approach with an appropriate project management, RahaNET will also ensure to consider the quality, cost and schedule of the project. In reviewing the lessons learned in previous projects, it was noted that all aspects of the project, especially quality, cost and schedule of the project should be interpreted through a master plan to ensure the project is with accordance to the requirements and standards. RahaNET will ensure to meet highest available standards and coordinate various aspects of all its projects, which is of importance, in order to bring forth a positive result. This coordination includes elements such as professional personnel, materials, procedures and facilities.

Sales: +93(0)790 72 3100
Support: +93(0)796 962 962
Finance: +93(0)790 962 962


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