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Park Star Hotel – هوتل پارک استار Hotels

Ansari Square, Share naw

Park Star is located in the heart of the historic City of Kabul in an extremely secure, quiet and lively area within short walk distance to all sites and is surrounded by buildings, shops and monuments in Kabul. On entering this Park Star you will immediately sense its secure environment. The hotel is arranged on four floors, with a lift. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge where you can sit and drink tea, or just read.
The rooms are arranged on the ground floor, first, second and third floors. On the top floor, conference facilities, dining facilities, coffee shop from where you can enjoy the wonderful view. The buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner is served in the lounge on the top floor, and also outside on our little patio during the summer months.


هوتل پارک استار به هدف ارائه خدمات استندرد هوتل داری در کابل ایجاد گردیده است.
میزبانی از مشتریان داخلی و خارجی در ده سال گذشته مارا به عنوان یکی از بهترین هوتل های کابل معرفی کرده است.
ما اطمنان داریم که مهمانان بعد از اقامت در این مکان با خاطرات فراموش ناشدنی باز خواهند گشت و یا هوتل مارا به سایر دوستان خویش معرفی خواهند کرد.
هدف ما تهیه خدمات قابل قبول و مصئونیت مهمانان از اولویت کاری ماست.



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