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Oriental Consultants was established by the team of professional bankers, financial analyst and training experts in 2007. It is a register organization with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under license Number 11011. Its guiding principles is to provide high quality services to it client by tapping the most qualified specialties


We realize that training and development activities are very essential for the consistent and rapid growth of the organizations and institutions. These activities will make an organization more dynamic and responsive to the emerging needs. Trainings provide a concrete base for continuous and rapid development.

From the very first day, we are trying our best to build our own capacity to transfer our knowledge and expertise to other institutions, through our professional and experienced staff.

For the purpose, we have engaged a team of professionals and internationally qualified trainers and consultants in our organization.

Our professional team members provides us sufficient strength to design and implement training and capacity building project for the different target groups according to the needs of organizations.

We arrange trainings with latest technologies and best practices at organization’s door step.

We have a pool of qualified and expert professionals (both international and local trainers) having diversified skill and knowledge. This makes us enable to conduct long term and short term regular and customized training programs for our valued clients.
· Accounting
· Financial Management
· General Management
· Planning and Office Management
· Project Planning & its Organizing
· Media Management
· Project Management
· HR Management
· Business Communication
· Marketing
· Engineering & Media Software
· Proposal Writing
· General & Islamic Banking
· Taxation
· Auditing
· Internal Auditing
· International Accounting Standards
· Profile Development
· Report Writing
· Organizational Development
· Curriculum Development
· Planning
· Fund Raising
· Community Development
· Strategic Planning
· Environment safety
· ToT Trainings & Many More
· Stress Management
· Training of Trainers (ToT)
· Time Management
· Budget Preparation and Control Skills
· Problem Solving
· Decision Making Skills
· Organization Development
· Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
· Peace Education/Building
Our firm does carry out accounting work including computerized bookkeeping for various clients. As part of the service we prepare and provide the books of accounts consisting of cashbook, general ledger, sub-ledgers of sales, purchases, debtors and creditors etc.

We prepare balance sheet and profit & loss account etc. and various supporting reports and schedules from the books of accounts if required by our valued clients. In addition to routine accounting information, we also provide to our clients, the periodic reports like cash flow statements, receivable and payable positions, daily reports indicating overall position, periodic financial statements tailored according to the needs of our clients.

Managing Finances involves risk in financial institution. The provision of risk assessment and its management is the expertise of oriental consultant. Risks are identified before they grow and meaningful advice is there to manage the risk.

In order to identify and manage risk in an efficient and effective manner we have a specialist facility in the shape of internal audit which has among its duties the responsibility of evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls its proper functioning and consulting the client organization in areas which requires improvement.

We also provide our services in areas relating to the development of financial, human resource and administration policies depending upon the requirement of the client.
· Analysis of the Financial Data & Reports
· Guidance & Assistance to Finance Staff in proper record keeping, Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Financial Management, and proper implementation of the internal controls.
· Business Plans
· Corporate Budgeting and Planning
· Designing Accounting and Inventory Systems and Financial Policies and Procedures,
· Design/Implementation of Internal Controls
· Facilitation in the preparation of the Budget
· Financial Management and Org. Research & studies
· Implementation of the Procedures/policies
· Interpretation of the Financial Data and Reports
· Monitoring effective use of Funds
· Preparation of Feasibility studies and reports
· Project Financing, and Working Capital Financing
· System Analysis

We provide an unusually wide range of management consultancy and advisory services which goes beyond what is offered by a traditional firm of accountants. We believe in using our experience and skills to provide our clients with advice of the highest quality.

Professional training for our staff helps to ensure that clients receive advice that matches their objectives.
Our management consultancy and advisory services business is large enough to cater the needs of big corporate as well as compact to the needs of individuals. Whilst our clients come from many industries, we are well known for our work in development financial institutions, manufacturing concerns, educational institutions and entities engaged in social sector & development programmes.

Our work philosophy is to provide quality services with complete solution. The same reflects in our work plan and execution methodology of each assignment.

For instance during Accounting assignment, in addition to Accounts work we also tender advice on business strategies, operating procedures & policies, information systems, technology issues and human resource management.

· Administrative Procedures & Manuals
· Designing of Administrative Rules & Regulations
· Designing of Job Description
· Designing of Management Policies
· Designing of over-all office setup
· Designing of the office documentation (Administrative and Management).
· Development of Organizational Guidance.
· External evaluation of organizational
· Interaction with external bodies/ Donors etc
· Legal Advisory Services
· Management Performance Evaluation
· Monitoring / Operational Manuals
· Organizational assessments
· Re-engineering of the inefficient units / Organizations

We provide program and project services according to the organizational needs. It includes project designing, concept development proposal writing, project planning, project budgeting, project evaluation, monitoring & evaluation, donor’s correspondence, strategic plan development, organizational profile development, project narrative reporting, and project financial reporting.
· Fund Raising
· Proposal Development
o Peace Building
o Training and Capacity Building
o Awareness and Advocacy
o Business Development
o Income Generation and Vocational Trainings
o Access to justice
o Accountability and Transparency
o Health Management
o Media Management
o Construction & Road Building
· Donor Management
· Project Reporting
· Project Sites Management
· Program Development
· Donor’s Financial Reporting
· Internal Audit of the program
· Designing Project strategies
· Financial/HR/Admin Policies Development
· Strategic Plan Development
· Concepts Development
· EOI Development

We are also providing our services in developing the most suitable business approach that will enhance the prospects of the client’s business in any venture they step into.

We pride ourselves in providing the client organization with an updated feasibility study/business plan in the required industrial sector, which will help them in applying their resources in a more effectively and efficiently.

Assistance regarding budgeting, its implementation, control and review is also one of the expert tools that we provide to our clients. Important information in relation to different pricing strategies prevailing in the market can provide a competitive edge to client organization.

Manuals relating to different organizational functions .i.e. human resource, administration, IT, and operations can be produced based on client’s needs. Sound system of control environment, costing, along with proper management information system will help management in making timely and effective decision making.

We can also assist prospective clients in managing their investment portfolio and fund management.

· Feasibility Study
· Business Plan Development
· Financial Accounts Preparation
· Entrepreneurship Development
· Bank Loan Financing
· Business Association Development
QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Quicken are user friendly most commonly used accounting software. Organizations enjoy enhanced efficiency and effectiveness with the implementation of this accounting software.

These accounting software helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations accounting system to a larger extent.
Time saving and accounts tracking software are available for recording and tracking the financial data.

Provision of accounting system design in QuickBooks, Peach Tree and Quicken environment is the expertise of the Oriental consultants.

We have expert professional in the field of providing integrated accounting packages to diverse group of clients.
· Class Trainings
· On Job Training
· System designing in the QuickBooks Software
· Computerizing Accounting Departments according to the need of the organization.
· Accounting Data Entry in the QuickBooks System

The assessment of the information flow is a necessary element for any organization, Smooth flow of information allows organization to save time taken by the obstruction of information.

Our MIS solutions will provide you fast flow of information by combining information flow with latest advance technology while integrating all aspects of organization into one unit.

Web designing is another expertise. Website enables an organization to maintain a close link with its larger clients and stakeholders.

We design and upload the web according to the needs of the clients and develop the web contents which more suites to organization’s web users.

· System Analysis and Design
· Web Development
· Software Development
o Accounting Information System
o Computerization of Industries/Factories
o Correspondence Management System
o Demographic Information System
o Employees Record Management System
o Fixed Assets Management System
o Project Management Information System
o Store Management System
· Database Development
· Integration the Accounting Software
· Facilitating ERP Trainings
Our Web Development Services:
Web Hosting
Graphics Designing
Domain Registration
Flash Animation
Web Designing
Web Development
SEO & E-Marketing
Creative Content Writing
Web Hosting
We do hosting ONLY for those clients who understands the importance of their data and their emails.

Our high quality hosting solutions are feature rich, 99.9 % Uptime, Optimum performance and Speed, trouble free and very easy for the average computer user to control through your own dedicated Control Panel.

The Control Panel allows you to do the following in minutes:
Manage email accounts
Review and manage the traffic on your website
Add new databases
Graphics Designing
Oriental Consultants has built a trend to win on design excellence.
Domain Registration

Clients prefer registering domains with most reliable companies they come across. As a practice it is seen, that even corporate prefers to purchase domains with Oriental Consultants for security and reliability reasons.

Flash Animation
Oriental Consultants have design experts who makes one feel involved with extensive use of flash and rich images, multimedia components and nicely laid story boards.

Experienced staff listens to clients, writes the story on paper and makes their presence felt on screen with live images rotating, sound exhibiting excellence of services and light music creating an atmosphere of acceptance.

Market leaders in their respective fields have developed their CDs with Oriental Consultants.

Arabian Estate, Glass N Glass, Ezzi Engineering, JES Instrumentation and Controls, PESpk, donfengBoard, CumminsPakistan and many others have their CDs made with Oriental Consultants.

Using Flash Oriental Consultants has wide experience developing Flash Banners for Media sites and newspaper portals.

Many advertisers have service contracts with Oriental Consultants to design their banner and button ads.

Sites like DAWN, The News, Business Recorder welcome advertisers coming through Oriental Consultants and the company helps the clients gain maximum benefits of their investments through conveying the right message

Web Designing:
We all know that quality web design is a valuable investment, but what are the real benefits of hiring a professional designer? Is the price tag worth it? Will a website that looks good bring in business?

A no-where existence i.e., a virtual shop webmaster seeks orders from international market, while the conventional business owners fail to win those leads – just because either they don’t have webs; OR their designs don’t say what they are.

Do you want that your company be just on a single click away from your valued customers?

If your Answer is yes then DO NOT be late to have a vibrant web site which gives you access to the virtual market and enable you to get the winning deal. We live in a world where “business as usual” is change.

New initiatives, project-based working, technology improvements, staying ahead of the competition – these things come together to drive ongoing changes to the way we work.

You are the expert on your own business, but you are not an expert on web design. Oriental Consultants has been providing a wide range of services in IT sector and business consultancy from last seven years.

By having an elegant website you can achieve a competitive edge over your competitor.

Remember your deal is just a single mouse click away. Do make a phone call now at 0093-799543365. our web designer will visit you in shorter time.

The Ten Elements that make a website compelling are :
Overall Look and Feel
The Precision of the Message which is to be delivered
The Speed by which a Website download on the visitor’s PC
The use of Graphics and the Layout of the Webpage
The readability of the Text on a webpage
The Skimmability of the Page
The use of fonts and their colors
The ease of Navigation
Privacy Statements, Copyright Information and Testimonials
Last but not the Least, the selection of Words

Web Development
Apart from creating standard websites, Oriental Consultants has developed interactive websites with facilities involving technologies like Cold Fusion Server/SQL Server and PHP/MySQL. Oriental Consultants has a sound experience of planning and implementing web-development projects.

Strategic planning and project management are some key elements in web development.

Typical services offered by us for a portal includes a directory of websites, a facility to search for other sites, news, weather information, e-mail, stock quotes, phone and map information, and a community forum.

Companies with web sites having public facilities have attracted much stock market investor interest because portals are viewed as able to command large audiences and numbers of advertising viewers.

Oriental Consultants has been working closely with Beyondvision – a sister concern in the development of following full-featured web-project.

The vertical business segments that Oriental Consultants has focused on are eCommerce/Shopping carts, Membership management, Catalog Management, CMS configurations and several portal scripts.

SEO & E-Marketing Strategies
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords.

As internet becoming widely available, more and more people are using internet search engines to find the businesses.

So to get your business found in the sea of websites, it is important that your website should rank high in different search engines for the keywords for which you think your customers might be looking for you

Our SEO process
SEO team at Oriental Consultants helps businesses to get their websites visible and found by the customers for the keywords of their choice. Our SEO services include:
An in-depth analysis of your website.
The detailed research into and selection of relevant keywords and key phrases for your business.
Optimization of your pages using appropriate keywords.
Suggestion for the target Keywords.
Manual Submission to TOP search engines and directories.
Competition Analysis.
The site content will be reorganized to include the keywords to increase the relevance of the respective pages with the chosen keywords/key phrases.
Meta Tags Composition.
HTML Code Optimization.
Image Optimization.
Site Map (if not present in design).
Google XML Site Map creation.
Creation of the link resource page.
Incoming / one-way or reciprocal linking building.
Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports.
Monthly Log Analysis.
Monthly Traffic Report.
Blog Submissions to various popular blogs to generate real quality traffic.
Pre and post optimization evaluation of site with details of ranking and visibility.
Suitable Human resource is the challenge faced my most organization.

This resource could be available by having sufficient market survey and having the pool of professionals as well.

With increasing development in Afghanistan in different sectors the need for human resource will be in greater demand.

With expert knowledge at our disposal we can provide the client organization our services as recruitment agency that will help the client in attaining the most suitable candidates for the required designation.

Different recruitment and selection criteria can be developed for the client organization to help them retain the most suitable candidate
· HR Training
· Human Recourse Planning
· Human Resource Out Sourcing
· HR Hiring and Staffing
· Customized Training and On Job Training
· Testing and Certifying the Staff
Audit is a key activity to be done by every organization and is also the obligation by the government to maintain and retain transparency in Financial Management. Audit facility is available.

Audit is carried out in two formats:
1. External Audit.(forming an independent opinion about the financial statements)
2. Internal Audit (consulting the client on the effective running of internal controls and on the improvement of managerial performance).

Audit services have gained a lot of importance in recent past due to high class corporate scandals around the world which adversely affected the stakeholder groups.

Due the fast pace of development in Afghanistan, mostly funded by international organizations meant that huge sums of money transferring between different organizational departments led to the problem of corruption.

In order to have a check on the proper running of the operation, audit service is the most suitable choice that an organization can go for.
· Internal Audit Services
· External Audit Facilitation
· Cost Audit Services
· Investigation and Forensic Auditing
· Audit Training
· Designing The Financial Control System
· Designing The Operational Control System
Accountability & Transparency Manual

We provide full range of taxation services ranging from the filing of annual returns to the appellate tribunal.

Our approach is to ensure that, the client gets the most advantageous treatment under the law while complying with the complex requirements of tax statutes and regulations.

As consultants, we advice on various aspects of business operations to provide a full range of tax services, including all aspects of Business Receipt tax and income tax laws and assist our clients in procuring required approvals from the government department.

We provide complete professional services from maintaining of formal statements and records for the purpose of filing of returns to completion of assessments.

We also provide services in processing of appeals before the Commissioner of Income Tax and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of Afghanistan.

Our taxation experts are among the best in their area of expertise, most of them have legal background; every member of our tax team has extensive experience in accounting and tax affairs as well as strong presentation and negotiation skills.

Taxation, like other business cost centres, should be subject to good planning and control. We believe that all clients are different and need individual tax strategies. These strategies must ensure that liabilities are always known in advance and that maximum benefits are derived from allowances, reliefs and tax concessions.

We deal with all matters of our clients starting from the preparation of various tax returns including income tax, business receipt tax to completion of assessment and appeals before the Commissioner Appeals, the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, and the higher courts.

We also advise our clients on various tax strategies and tax saving measures falling within the law. Our philosophy is to ensure that, the client gets the most advantageous treatment under the law while complying with the complex requirements of tax statutes and regulations.

As Afghanistan is in its transitional phase it can hugely be benefited by the timely and accurate calculation and payment of tax .Almost all the registered organizations are liable to pay the tax to the government.

Due to the lack of highly skilled professionals in the tax field on a national level, the importance of such organization that possesses expertise regarding such services increases even more.

·Taxation Training
·Income Tax Return Services
·Client’ s Representation in Tax Department
·Computation and calculation of amount of tax at source.
·Expert opinion regarding tax matters.
·Recommendations regarding tax matters faced by the clients.
·Appearance before tax authorities on behalf of the clients regarding tax matters.
·Advise to the clients to avoid additional tax, surcharge and penalties.
·Prepare appeal documents for the clients to appear before tax authorities on behalf of the clients
·Preparation of tax history of the client for inclusion of exact tax figures in final accounts.
·Calculation and determination of taxable income of the business and final tax liability at year end.
·Preparation of monthly and annual tax returns of the employees whose tax has been deducted

Research and surveys are the tools to find the required information for designing and implementation of new projects.
Our research and survey department is leaded by the professional expert.

We have also surveyors and survey supervisors network specially in the southern region of Afghanistan.
We survey team is expert in getting the required information from the field though different methodologies including the modern tools of PRA.

Our team is expert in designing the questionnaires according to the objectives of the research and surveys. Our data management team is also expert in designing and developing the database for the data analysis and data cleaning purposes.

Our departmental manager always arranges a TOT for the surveyors to provide sufficient orientation to the fieldworker regarding the objectives and methodology of the survey.

We have developed a network with the Amric Research Pvt. Ltd and OSDR, NGO working in research and survey from last 20 years and Amric Research, an international research and survey company.

Amric Research Ltd assistance makes us capable to conduct a research and survey assignment of any magnitude and complexity.
Field Research Study from March 2007 to December 2008 in four districts of Kunduz and Takhar provinces.

Baseline Survey in 8 districts (Kama, Surkhrod, Khogiani, Khewa, Behsood, Deh Bala, Bati Kot, and Mohmandara) of Nangarhar Jan –Mar, 2008.
· Designing Questionnaires
· Training to Surveyors
· Market survey
· Need Assessment Surveys
· Conducting Surveys
· Data Collection
· Data Clearance
· Data Analysis
· Research Reporting


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