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Khan Engineering Company Limited – خان استیل Steel Suppliers

Parka-e-Sanati, Sarak-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan

Khan Engineering Company Limited is a non-governmental, non-political licensed and authorized technical firm working under the license of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) established in the year 1998.

It was initially established in 1998 focusing to develop Iron Industry in Afghanistan and to facilitate reconstruction and rehabilitation departments, Agencies and NGOs providing required services, boring and pilling machineries and basic needed products for their technical fields. Keeping in view the potential of new business prospects and opportunities in Iron Industries.

KECL was formed to provide standard quality products, construction materials, heavy duty machinery parts and services to the market, construction companies government and UN Agencies and US/Coalition Forces.

The KECL also focusing the importance and lower ratio of agriculture in Afghanistan and has planning to develop this field, to aware the people of Afghanistan about the importance of Agriculture, and to provide the required modern agricultural Machinery turbine and submersible to the formers and land-holders.

Not only this also KECL is a group having a waste experience and knowledge to work on deficiency of safe water and adequate sanitation in urban and rural areas of Afghanistan, providing its services in digging deep-well for irrigation of field sanitation in urban and rural arias.

KECL is cooperating and working with the UN base and other agencies and NGOs working for the development of agriculture, destroying Poppy crops, Safe water and adequate sanitation for Afghanistan.


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