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Brief About Kateb Univesity

Kateb University is a pioneering private institution in the field of higher education in Afghanistan. In 2007, during an official ceremony with the presence of a group of faculty members, representatives of the mass media, members of the parliament and groups of students in the auditorium at the Ministry of Higher Education, KU achieved its official permit. Kateb held its first University Entrance Test (UET) in 2007, with the presence of the Ministry of Higher Education’s Supervisory Committee, and 350 students from among the participants were admitted to enter Kateb University.

The number of students and teachers are increasing rapidly, in the year 2010, approximately 1200 students were studying at the University and in 2012 the number of students reached to 2005 students, in ten academic disciplines. This year, approximately 130 full-time and part-time instructors and teach at the University. In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education, instructors only with Ph.D. and Masters’ degrees are granted to teach at Kateb University.



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