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KaPUL Group Of Companies – گروپ کمپنی های کاپول Printing Press

سرک ۱۱ تایمنی کابل

KaPUL Group is a leading integrated marketing and communication services group with over 13 years of experience.

Located in Taimani Road, Kabul Afghanistan with resources throughout the country, KaPUL was founded in May, 2007. After spending almost three years in the marketing industry, working for large firms and corporations, the KaPUL staff all agreed that marketing and advertising had become “vanilla” – boring and lacking in impact.

So we created a whole new approach that fuses exceptional ideas with innovative and compelling communications strategies.

The result: campaigns that spark attention, drive market share, fuel revenues, and captivate audiences.

From star-studded events to the most dynamic and engaging websites, KaPUL has the experience to make your brand shine.
Assurances and Expectations.

KaPUL team is dedicated to providing cost-efficient services and products to KaPUL clients.
KaPUL expects the highest quality, quickest responses, and fairest rates from our vendors.

The KaPUL staff is expected to deliver fresh ideas, impeccable service, and unsurpassed commitment to our clients. In turn, KaPUL only wants to work with companies who are determined to succeed and increase their revenue.


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