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Our mission is to provide our customers personalized services! New Kabul Bank started its banking activities by having received its license as a commercial bank as a result of high authorities’ decisions adhering to all prevailing banking rules and regulations under banking system of the country. Ministry of Finance is the only shareholder of New Kabul Bank and it (NKB) has four kinds of activity license:
  1. Banking license
  2. AISA License
  3. 3131 Network License
  4. 2266 Services License
New Kabul Bank is operating and providing services for valued citizens by covering a wide network in more than 112 branches including a technical and supporting office in Dubai with professional and experienced cadre. New Kabul Bank is offering the following legal banking services equipped with electronic system.

New Kabul Bank Services:

  1. Account Opening
  2. Balance Confirmation
  3. Issue of Balance Confirmation
  4. Deposits Withdrawal and Payment( Banking Transactions)
  5. Money Transfer from one Account to another Account
  6. Issue of Cheque-book (10-25 page)
  7. Internet Banking (to check statements, money transfer from one account to another account, exchange rate, information about balance) and so on.
  8. Mobile Phone Banking( coming soon)
  9. Mobile Phone Banking( coming soon)
  10. ATM Services – 24 hour
  11. 3131 Services -24 hour
  12. Master Card( master and debit card)
  13. Salary Disbursement Services
  14. Electricity Bill Payment
  15. Islamic Banking Services along with Islamic terms and conditions
New Kabul Bank is equipped with professionally trained security forces and armored vehicles deliver your money safely and securely anywhere inside Afghanistan. New Kabul bank is connected all over the Global SWIFT facility which enables fast funds transfer for customers of bank having correspondent relationship with 7 international banks such as:
  • Aktif Bank Turkey
  • Bank of China
  • Alraji Bank United Emirate
  • Crown Agent Bank London
  • National Commercial Bank Jeddah
  • KBC Bank Brussels
  • HDFC Bank India
New Kabul Bank is principal agent for western union Money transfer in Afghanistan therefore it is authorized to transfer and receive money through western union company in all over the world and vice versa.New Kabul bank is providing following 3131 services (24 hour)
  • Information about your Account Statement
  • Money Transfer from one Account to another Account in New Kabul Bank
  • Mobile Prepaid Recharge (AWCC_ROSHAN soon it will be available with other communication company
  • To receive a short message by your telephone about your recent banking transaction; on request.
New Kabul Bank provides Any where banking facility for its customers enabling them to their transactions from any of the branches. We also extend internet banking facility with secured password to our valued clients. New Kabul Bank has established a new division “Customer Relationship” in order to facilitate and provide the best services for our valued customers and help them with their banking transactions and issues. New Kabul Bank will soon introduce POS machine and WEB surfer service to our valued customers.

Branch Locations

No Branch Name Province Branch Location
1 Main Branch Kabul 10-42 Torbazkhan Watt Share Now Kabul Afghanistan
2 Shahzada Market Kabul Shahzada Exchange Market
3 Jada-e-Maiwand Kabul Kunduz Market, In front of Chaman Huzoori, Jad-e-Maiwand
4 Mirwais Maidan Kabul 3th floor of Aryana hotel, Chouk Kotesangi
5 2nd Macroryan Kabul Qazi Plazza,2nd Macroryan dis 9 KBL AFG
6 Khair khana Lese Maryam 1st Kabul Kabul Market 2th floor lycee Mariam
7 Kabul University Kabul Kabul University Nixt to Engiering Faculty
8 Gulzad Market Kabul Dahan Bagh Markaz Tejaraty Parwan
9 Allaudin Kabul Darulaman Road 3 rahi Alauddin Amanzada Market
10 Karta-e-now Kabul Istgah Sabiqa, Kart-e-Now
11 Taimani Kabul Lab Jar Square Arshad Mart Market, Kabul Afganistan
12 Cinema Pamir Kabul Cinema Pamir Opposite of Maiwan Hospital
13 Jada-e-Nader Pashton Kabul Afghan Market 6th Floor infron of Kabul Sirina Hotel
14 1st Part of Khair Khana Kabul 1st Part Of Khairkhana Near to Carpat Market
15 Khost Khost khost city qomandani road new kabulbank khost branch
16 Parwan Parwan Apart Sharwali wulayat street infront of Aabrasani reyasat Parwan Afghanistan
17 Bamyan Bamyan end of bazar bamyan infront of mustafa palaza
18 Ghazni Ghazni Farkhi Hotel 3th floor, Ghazni Afghanistan
19 Gardez Paktia Gardiz branch, kabul line infront of Wair hussain Market ,Gardiz city, Paktia, Afghanistan
20 Paktika Paktika Pashtonistan Hotel Sharan Paktika Afghanistan
22 Maidan Wardak Maidan Wardak kadra khil market central maidan shar, maidan wardak
25 Kapisa Kapisa MAHMOOD RAQI KAPISA Afghanistan
26 Mazar-e-Sharif Balkh Chouk Elmarab, South of Rawza mubarak, Mazar City
27 Hairataan Balkh in front of Ghazanfer bank and inside of AIB bank, hairatan city
28 Maimana Faryab Brotheran Saeedy Market,Jade turbat jan, Maimana City
29 Sheberghan Sheberghan Charahe Bandar Aqcha, Jadir Radio Televation, Sheberghan City
30 Sar-e-pul Sar-e-pul in front of Saray Najari, Shahr-e-Now, Sar-e-Pul City
31 Samangan Samangan Jade Qutboddin, Aibak City
32 Kandahar Kandahar Behind of Jame omar, Chawk Naheya 2, Kandahar City
33 Helmand Helmand LASHKARGA CITY
34 Zabul Zabul ZABUL CITY
35 Urozgan Urozgan TRINKOT CITY
36 Herat Herat Walayat Streest Sekandari Business Center
37 Herat 2nd Herat Walayat Street Opposite of Oil Pamp Station # 56
38 Badghis Badghis Qala-e-Now City
39 Ghor Ghor Chaghcheran City
40 Farah Farah Farah City ,Municiplity Street
41 Nimroz Nimroz Zarang City
42 Kunduz Kunduz Kunduz City, Khurasan Market
43 Pol-e-Khumri Baghlan Pulekhumry City
44 Badakhshan Badakhshan Shahe Naw Faizabad City
45 Takhar Takhar Taluqan City
46 Jalalabad Ningarhar Jalalabad Exchange Market 2nd Floor
47 Kunar Kunar Assad Abad City
48 Laghman Laghman Mehtarlam City
49 Ministry of Interior Kabul Inside of old buiding of MOI
51 Assembly House Kabul Inside of National Assambly House
52 Ministry of Commerce Kabul Inside of Ministry of Commerce
53 Pule Surkh Kabul Beside Amiri Center Market, Charahe Pul-e-Sukh, Kart-e-3
54 KMTC Kabul National Army base ( Pulechakhi)
55 Air Force Kabul Qowat Hay Zamini, Qarawol Awal Charahe maidan
56 Qul-e-Urdo 209 Shaheen Balkh Inside of of National Army in Qul-e-Urdo 209 Shaheen
57 Zone 303 Pamir Balkh balkh Head Quater, Shahrak Khalid Bin Walid, Mazar City
58 Andkhoyee Sheberghan behind of Saray Qaleen Froshi, Andkhoy City
59 Torghondi Herat Torghondi City Opposite of Transport
60 Zone 606 ansar Herat Qomandani zone 606 ansar police, Hirat City
61 Ghani Khail Ghani Khail Shinwar Dist
62 Torkham Ningarhar Next to Torkham Castum House
63 Jalalabad 2nd Ningarhar Chouk Mukhaberat
64 Exchange Market Kandahar Sarafi Market Kandahar, Kandahar City
65 Spin Boldak Kandahar BOLDAK DIST Inside kandak 4 sarhadi
66 Zone 404 Maiwand Kandahar Kandahar Airport, Qomandani Police, Zone 404 Maiwand
67 Zherai District Branch Kandahar Zherail District, Kandahar
68 Qomandany Police Kunduz Inside of National Police Base In Kunduz City
69 Sherkhan Bandar Branch Kunduz Shirkhan Bandar City Kunduz
70 Emam Sahb Kunduz District of Emam Saheb
71 Baghlan central Baghlan Baghlan Jadid
72 Bagram Parwan Firqa-e-Police Nizami Bagram Parwan Afghanistan
74 Qul-e-Urdu-e-Selab (ferqa 111) Kabul National Army base ( Pulechakhi)
75 Army Air Force 2nd Kabul Kabul Airport ( Air Porce) Qasaba
76 National Military Academy Kabul National Militry Acadimy, Qargha
77 Rishkhor Kabul Firqa Rishkhore
78 Qul-e-Urdo Garniziun Kabul Qul-e-Urdu Darllaman
79 Sorobi Lewa e 3 Kabul Lewa 3 Sroby
80 Lewa of Shaheen Qul-e-Urdu Faryab Inside of National Army Base ( Maimana )
81 Qul-e-Urdu-e-Zafar Herat Inside of National Army Base (Qul-e-Urdu 207 Zafar)
82 Lewa 2 Sheendand Herat Inside of National Army Base (Sindand Lewa), Air port
83 Herat HQ Herat inside of HQ
84 Qul-e-Urdu Kafar Qala Farah Farah Inside of National Army Base kafar Qala
85 Qul-e-Urdo-e-201 Selab Lowa 2 Ningarhar Inside of National Army base Jalalabad
86 Gambiri Laghman Qul-e-Urdo-e- 201 Selab , Laghman Qarghayee
87 kandahar MOI Kandahar Inside of Police Head quarter Kandahahr City
88 Dilaram Kandahar NEMROZ PROVINE inside lewa 4 delaram Qul Urdo 215 Maiwand
89 Kandahar MOE Kandahar Riyasat Maharef kandahar, Kandahar City
90 Kandahar MOD Kandahar Inside Qul Urdo 205 Atal, Kandahar Airport
91 Zherai Lewa Kandahar Zherail District,Inside Lewa 3
92 Garmser Helmand HELMAND PROVINCE lewa 1 Garmser
93 Police Head Quarter Helmand Inside of Police Head quarter, Lashkargah City
94 Sangeen District Helmand inside of Lewa 2, Sangeen District
95 Shorabak MOD Helmand inside of Qul Urdo 215 Maiwand,Shorabak
96 Zabul lewa 2 Zabul Zabul city inside lewa 2
97 Urozgan lewa 4 distribution Urozgan Trinkot City inside lewa 4 Qul Urdo 205 ATAL
98 2nd Lewa of Shaheen Qul-e-Urdo Kunduz Inside of National Army Base, Kunduz City
99 1st Lewa of Tander Qul-e-Urdu Khost 203 TAND LEWA AWAL KHOST
100 203 Tander Qul-e-Urdu Paktia Quli ORDU (203) Thander Paktia
101 Lewa 3 Thunder Ghazni Ghazni Lewa Piada # 3th Ghazni, Tender Qule Urdu in side national army base, Ghazni Afghanistan
102 2nd Lewa of Tander Qul-e-Urdu Paktika lewa 2th Tandar Qule Urdu in side of Lewa,Khair Kot Wuluswali , Paktika Afghanistan
103 Lewa Logar Logar Sheng Logar in the national armay base
104 Lewa 3 Qala Now Badghis Lewa 3 Qul Urdo 207 Zafar linked in Airport of Qala Now
105 Lewa Sarkano Kunar Military Base Lewa 2, Sarkano Dist, Kunar Province
106 Ali Khail Laghman Camp Ali khail, central of Laghman Province
107 Nooristan Noorstan Paroon City, Mostofiat,Noorstan Province
108 Qumandani police Takhar Takhar Qumandani police Takhar
109 2nd Lewa of Ferqay 20 Pamir Badakhshan Badakhshan 2nd Lewa of Ferqay 20 Pamir Badakhshan
110 General Attorney Kabul Darulaman, Loy Saranwaly Office
111 Zone 505 Boost Helmand HELMAND PROVINCE
112 Baghlan HQ Baghlan in side of baghalan HQ
113 MOI New Kabul inside of ministry of interior new building
114 PaktikaHQ paktika paktika qumandani markaz sharan
115 Dehmazang brishna Kabul Dehmazang Brishna, Kabul Afghanistan
116 Gumruk Kabul Kabul Department of Kabul Gumruk, Afghanistan


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