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Ghalib University موسسه تحصیلات عالی غالب Universities

Shahid Square, Airport Avenue Kabul City

Welcome to Ghalib University.
Ghalib, engages to inspire learners and empower them to shape their future ambitions.

Additional Information
Welcome to Ghalib Institute of Higher Education:
Ghalib Institute of Higher Education is the first privately established & registered institute in Herat Province, with an aim to be a source of affordable & quality education. GIHE, an institute of Higher learning, engages with learners to inspire and empower them to accomplish their educational goals, lead richer life, and shape the future of their organizations and communities. Ghalib provides you with the tools, knowledge and experience you need to define success in your own terms and to achieve it. Our programs are designed to prepare students to meet the needs of the market. We offer credits system; each module is split into lectures, exercises or practical work in class, research, examination hours, preparation hours and personal work, comprising a given credit hour.
Advantages of GIHE
Highly qualified local and foreign teachers, lecturers & professors
International curriculum for all subjects offered
Separate male and female classes according to Islamic value and Afghan culture
Competitive and Affordable fee structure
Modern teaching methods and equipments.
Well equipped Library, Computer and Medical labs
Comfortable and supportive teaching environment
Registered with Ministry of Higher Education
Hands-on learning
Comfortable and well-equipped classes
Supportive English courses for linguistically weak students
Incentives for bright students, both financial and academic
Extra curricular activities to uncover the potential of the students
Ghalib Institute of Higher Education Programs:
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Computer Science
Faculty of Management and Law
All Bachelors Programs are for 4 years (8 semesters)
Except Medical faculty is for 7 years (14 semesters)


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