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Cure Hospital of Kabul شفاخانه بین المللی کیور Hospitals

Darulaman Road, near Darulaman Palace، Service Rd, Kabul

Many years of war and civil unrest have left Afghanistan’s healthcare infrastructure largely unable to care for its population. There is a severe lack of trained nurses and doctors, particularly female practitioners, to meet the overwhelming medical needs of the nation. The health of women and children is among the worst in the world. Recognising the enormous need, CURE accepted an invitation from the Afghan Ministry of Public Health to assume control of a partially restored hospital in Kabul in January 2005.

Along with providing quality care, CURE Afghanistan offers training programs for national doctors and nurses to further elevate the level of care provided throughout the country. Officially recognised by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, CURE trains medical practitioners through its Family Practice Residency, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, pathology, and general surgery programs.

Today, CURE Afghanistan is one of the leading medical institutions in the country. It is a source of healing and hope for expectant mothers, disabled children, health care professionals, and the nation as a whole.


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