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Azizi Bank’s ATM ATMs

Azizi Bank’s ATM locations in Kabul

Sr.NoAzizi Bank’s ATM locations in Kabul CityGPS
1Main Branch (Anqara Square, Head OfficeGoogle Map
2MOD (Ministry of Defense)Google Map
3MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)Google Map
4MoE (Ministry of Economy)Google Map
5MoCIT (Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyGoogle Map
6MRRD (Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development)Google Map
7MoEW (Ministry of Energy & Water)Google Map
8Embassy of IndiaGoogle Map
9Wazir Akbar Khan BranchGoogle Map
10400 Beds, Military Hospital, Wazir Akbar KhanGoogle Map
11City Center, Shahr-e-NawGoogle Map
12Bakhtawar Palace, Shahr-e-NawGoogle Map
13Gul Bahar Center, KabulGoogle Map
14Metropol Branch (Afghan Market), FroshgahGoogle Map
15Kart-e-Parwan BranchGoogle Map
16Global Medical Complex, Baraki SquareGoogle Map
17Kot-e-Sangi BranchGoogle Map
18Kart-e-Seh BranchGoogle Map
19Dasht-e-Barchi BranchGoogle Map
20Dehmazang BranchGoogle Map
21Kefayat Market, Darul Aman Road, KabulGoogle Map
22Company BranchGoogle Map
23Qamber SquareGoogle Map
24Amiri Hospital, AfsharGoogle Map
25PaghmanGoogle Map
26Khair Khana Part 1 BranchGoogle Map
27Khair Khana Part II BranchGoogle Map
28Khair Khana Part III BranchGoogle Map
29Khair Khana 315 BranchGoogle Map
30500 Family BranchGoogle Map
31Sar-e-Kotal BranchGoogle Map
32Kolola Pushta BranchGoogle Map
33Taimani BranchGoogle Map
34Qala-e-Fatullah BranchGoogle Map
35Sharak-e- AriaGoogle Map
361st Macrorayan BranchGoogle Map
372nd Macrorayan BranchGoogle Map
38Qazi Plaza, 3rd MacrorayanGoogle Map
394th Macrorayan BranchGoogle Map
40Jad-e-Maiwand BranchGoogle Map
41Shah Shaheed BranchGoogle Map
42Kart-e-Now BranchGoogle Map
43Arzan Qimat BranchGoogle Map
44Kawsar Hospital, Arzan QematGoogle Map
45Hewad University, QasabaGoogle Map
46MTN Head Office, Shar-e-NawGoogle Map
47Afghanistan Cricket Board CompoundGoogle Map
48Dasht-e-Barchi, Hakim Nasir Khusraw HospitalGoogle Map
49Daudzai Business CenterGoogle Map
50Imperial Super Market, Qasr-e-Dunya Wedding Hall, Abdul Haq SquareGoogle Map
51Hamid Karzai International AirportGoogle Map
52National Directorate of PassportGoogle Map
53Independent Election Commission, KabulGoogle Map
54Melat Hospital, Tiamani SquareGoogle Map
55Supreme CourtGoogle Map
56Baron Compound BranchGoogle Map
572nd Kote SangiGoogle Map

Azizi Bank’s ATM locations in provinces

Sr.NoAzizi Bank’s ATM locations in Kabul CityGPS
1BamyanGoogle Map
2Mazar-e-Sharif, Azizi Bank 1st BranchGoogle Map
3Mazar-e-Sharif, Azizi Bank 2nd BranchGoogle Map
4Mazar-e-Sharif, Azizi Bank 3rd BranchGoogle Map
5Kefayat Super Market, Mazar-e-SharifGoogle Map
6Herat, Azizi Bank 1st BranchGoogle Map
7Herat, Azizi Bank 2nd BranchGoogle Map
8Herat, Azizi Bank 3rd BranchGoogle Map
9Herat UniversityGoogle Map
10KandaharGoogle Map
11JalalabadGoogle Map
12KunarGoogle Map
13TorkhamGoogle Map
14PaktiaGoogle Map
15GhazniGoogle Map
16ParwanGoogle Map
17JowzjanGoogle Map
18HelmandGoogle Map
19KunduzGoogle Map
20TakharGoogle Map
21Pul-e-KhumriGoogle Map
22BadakhshanGoogle Map
23SamanganGoogle Map
24Sar-e-PulGoogle Map
25KhostGoogle Map
26LogarGoogle Map
27BadghisGoogle Map
28FarahGoogle Map
29ZabulGoogle Map
30KapisaGoogle Map
31AndkhowiGoogle Map
32NimrozGoogle Map
33Paktia UniversityGoogle Map
34Kandahar UniversityGoogle Map
35Aino Mena, KandaharGoogle Map
36UrazganGoogle Map
37GhorGoogle Map
38Maidan WardakGoogle Map
39Jalalabad 2nd (opposite Spin Ghar Hotel)Google Map
40LaghmanGoogle Map
41Jalal Abad( Al-Muhib TowerGoogle Map
42Takhar 2ndGoogle Map


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